Current Position Papers

Position Papers

NAMI California will be posting sample letters and/or position papers to assist our members with their advocacy efforts as the Legislative Committee completes its analysis of each bill.

2017-2018 Letter to the Governor

(The following letter was also sent to the offices of US Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein).

Senator Feinstein Press Release-Opposes Senate Republican Health Care Plan (June 2017)

Response Letter-Secretary Diana S. Dooley

AHCA Governor Letter (May 2017)

2017-2018 Assembly Bills

AB 266 (Thurmond) NAMI CA Support

AB 451 (Arambula) NAMI CA Support 

AB 470 (Arambula) NAMI CA Support 

AB 501 (Ridley-Thomas) NAMI CA Support

AB 727 (Nazarian) NAMI CA Support 

AB 1372 (Levine) NAMI CA Support 

2017-2018 Senate Bills

SB 8 (Beall) NAMI CA Support

SB 143 (Beall) NAMI CA Support

SB 191 (Beall) NAMI CA Support

SB 237 (Hertzberg) NAMI CA Support

SB 323 (Mitchell) NAMI CA Support

SB 374 (Newman) NAMI CA Support

SB 565 (Portantino) NAMI CA Support

SB 684 (Bates) NAMI CA Support

SCR 54 (Beall) NAMI CA Support 

2017-2018 State Budget

Proposed 2017 – 2018 California Budget Proposal Concerns

(The above letter was shared with Conference Budget Committee Members)

2015-2016 Assembly Bills

AB 59 (Waldron) NAMI CA Support (Chaptered)

AB 72 (Bonta) NAMI CA Support (Enrolled)

AB 1300 (Ridley-Thomas) NAMI CA Oppose (Dead)

AB 1644 (Bonta) Support Asm. Appropriations (Dead)

AB 2246 (O’Donnell) Support Asm. Appropriations (Enrolled)

AB 2262 (Levine) Support Asm. Appropriations (Dead) 

AB 2394 (Garcia) Support Asm. Appropriations (Enrolled) 

AB 2442 (Holden) NAMI CA Support (Enrolled) 

2015-2016 Senate Bills

SB 482 (Lara) NAMI CA Support (Enrolled)

SB 877 (Pan) Support Author (Enrolled)

SB 884 (Beall) Support (Enrolled)

SB 923 (Hernandez) Asm. Health Support (Chaptered)

SB 1135 (Monning) Support (Enrolled)



Support Letter for Mental Health Parity Enforcement Budget Act (to: Budget Subcommittee)

Support Letter for the Blue Print for a Responsible Budget: Ensuring Stability and Expanding Opportunity (To: Chair, Assembly Budget Committee)

Support Letter for the Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Grant(To: Senator Steinberg)


Corrections And Law Enforcement

Use of Pepper Spray on Those Living with Mental Illnesses Who Are Inmates(To: Jeffrey Beard, Secretary, California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation)


Federal Legislation

Recommendations for Improving the Mental Health and Substance Use System (U.S. Senate Finance Committee)

Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013 (H.R. 3717, Murphy)