2017 NAMI California Award Nominations Form

2017 NAMI California Award Nominations Form

List of Past NAMI California Awards

Don & Peggy Richardson Memorial Award
For distinguished service to persons afflicted with serious mental illness
2016 – Sharon Roth
2015 – May Farr
2014 – Bettie Reinhardt
2013 – Sharon Dunas, MFT
2012 – Dr. Ralph and Denise Nelson

Outstanding Clergy Award
In appreciation of devoted and compassionate service to those with mental illness and their families
2015 – Kent Peters
2014 – Pastor Rick & Kay Warren of Saddleback Church
2012 – Luida Johnson and Ramona Woods
2011 – Gunnar Christiansen

Outstanding Peer Award
For excellence in advocacy and support of recovery
2016 – Roopa Grewal
2015 – Maricela Estrada
2014 – Robert Villanueva
2013 – Abu Rahim
2012 – Debbie Zomparelli and Danny Gibbs

Family-to-Family Award
For excellence in leadership with the NAMI Family-to-Family programs
2016 – Rosina Ehrlich
2015 – Joe W. Rose
2014 – Joe & Madeline Johnson
2012 – Joyce Plis
2011 – Nancy Smith

Media Award
For excellence in reporting on serious mental illness
2015 – California Health Line Daily Digest /Dr. Sandra Hernandez
2014 – California’s Broadcasters Association
2013 – Cristina Mendoza
2010 – Katie Cadigan & Laura Murray

Outstanding Criminal Justice Advocate Award
For exemplary time and effort in advocating for accepted best practices that have resulted in the decriminalization of persons with serious mental illness

2016 – Brian Lungren Sr.
2015 – Kathy Ellis
2014 – Mark Gale
2013 – Jim Fix, Psy.D
2012 – Anita Fisher

Outstanding Criminal Justice Professional Award
For a criminal justice professional who has advocated for and has been an integral part in implementing accepted best practices that has resulted in decriminalization of persons with serious mental illness

2016 – Jackie Lacey, District Attorney of Los Angeles County
2015 – Commissioner Joe Farrow
2014 – Judge Stephen Manley
2013 – Jean Farley
2012 – Linda Boyd and Barry Perrou

Veteran’s Award
For outstanding service and innovative program development for veterans and their families
2014 – Mathew Jensen
2013 – Doug Stephens
2011 – Teresa Bullock

Recovery Practitioner Award
For the clinical staff person who consistently initiates, promotes and reinforces recovery principles within their practice, county and sphere of influence.
2016 – Robert M. McCarron, D.O.
2014 – Supervisor Shirlee Zane
2013 – Dr. Mark Ragins
2012 – Dr. Clayton Chau

Zero Tolerance of Seclusion and Restraints Award
For a facility that has done outstanding work toward initiation and implementation of zero seclusion and restraints practices
2014 – John George Psychiatric Hospital
2011 – Guy Qvistgaard

Outstanding Youth Advocate Award 
For excellence in serving as an advocate that has both provided support & further advocacy for youth experiencing serious mental illness
2016 – Whitney High School – NAMI On Campus High School Club
2014 – Troy Mondragonr, PhD
Ellen Frudakis

Outstanding Mental Health Director Award
For excellence in establishing goals to better support & treat those living with a mental illness in their County
2016 – Madelyn Schlaepfer
2015 – Mike Kennedy
2014 – Alfredo Aguirre

Outstanding Treatment Provider Award
For providing exemplary treatment & care to those suffering from severe mental illness
2015 – El Camino Hospital
2014 – John George Psychiatric Hospital

Multicultural Outreach Excellence Award
For outstanding achievements in community engagement & cultural inclusion
2015 – NAMI Alameda County South
2014 – NAMI Orange County

 NAMI Affiliate Recognition Award For Multicultural Outreach
For outstanding achievements in community engagement & cultural inclusion
2016 – Gigi R. Crowder, L.E.
2016 – Alberto Henriquez

Legislator of the Year Award
For continuing service moving mental health policy forward in California
2016 – State Senator Jim Beall

2016 – State Assemblymember Susan Bonilla