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Please join NAMI California in urging the California Legislature to oppose SB 665 (Umberg), diverting MHSA funds to those incarcerated in California jails (read our letter of opposition). This bill has been completely revised and will be heard in committee Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 2 pm PT.

SB 665 would authorize counties to use Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Innovation funds to establish a Jail-Based Community Mental Health Innovation Program (JBCMHIP) upon approval from the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC). This bill is in violation of the goals and principles of the voter-approved MHSA, which designated funds be spent to provide care in the community, not incarceration. SB 665 would override voter intent by redirecting mental health funds away from local mental health departments into jails at a time when funding for community services already projected to be greatly reduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Families cannot afford to lose any more programs to departments that already receive significant funding from the counties. COVID-19 has highlighted an increasing need for mental health supports and services. Counties are already struggling to find ways to meet those needs; further raiding of the MHSA to divert funds will only exacerbate the disparities in access to care experienced by so many families and individuals.

Letters of opposition can be sent directly to NAMI California at, staffers of the Assembly Health Committee OR to any of the members listed below. You can reference NAMI California’s official letter of opposition or use this sample opposition letter. We thank you for your advocacy efforts in behalf of families and individuals in California.

Committee hearing info:

Assembly Health Committee; Tuesday, August 4, 2 pm PT


Aguiar-Curry, Cecilia, District 4, 916 319 2004
Bigelow, Franklin, District 5, 916-319-2005
Bonta, Rob, District 18, 916-319-2018
Burke, Autumn, District 62, 916-319-2018
Carrillo, Wendy, District 51, 916-319-2051
Flora, Heath, District 12, 916-319-2012
Limón, Monique, District 37, 916-319-2037
Mayes, Chad (Vice-Chair), District 42 916-319-2042
McCarty, Kevin, District 42, 916-319-2042
Nazarian, Adrin, District 46, 916-319-2046
Ramos, James, District 40, 916-319-2040
Rodriguez, Freddie, District 52, 916-319-2053
Santiago, Miguel, District 52, 916-319-2052
Waldron, Marie, District 75, 916-319-2075
Wood, Jim (Chair), District 2, 916-319-2002