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For a 30-Second Survey, we asked: What does Black History Month mean to you? Here is a selection of answers from community members.

“It means a lot! It also reminds me that this country has always had inequality and systemic discrimination against race. We must fight for it together!”

“Celebrating the rich contributions of Blacks and African Americans to all of us. Inspiring me to work to try to heal inequities in health care–they’re still there & it bothers me. (I’m a psychiatrist & NAMI member).”

“A chance to learn what really happen in the past and learn how to deal with my thoughts and ways in a new light.”

“Time to reflect on our collective history.”

“That everyone is created equal.”

“A chance to learn more about Black History, especially things that have not been taught in schools. A better awareness of the struggles our Black brothers and sisters have had to overcome just to have the privileges White people take for granted.”

“Validating and recognizing both the pain, suffering, and terrible injustice to Black Americans that is part of our collective American History; As well as celebrating and recognizing the important achievements and contributions of African Americans.”

“It’s about recognizing, amplifying, and celebrating Black voices, achievements, and individuals.”

“A very important commemoration for the citizens of their own country who have been cruelly and despicably wronged by white supremacy and racial profiling. It is time to become more proactive in every aspect of our society to correct this wrong. I applaud NAMI for taking the time for this survey.”

“It is the honoring of my ancestors, my history and my heritage. It allows me to connect with the legacies that have been left behind and to remember the strength of my people, despite much of the negativity, injustice and trauma that still exists. It provides me the opportunity to assist the next generation with understanding their strong roots as a people of color and a people of greatness despite other reports.”

“A time to learn about Black life and accomplishments.”

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