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If you have bought the materials with the pilot, please read below:

Following the NAMI P2P training pilots this summer and fall, we’ve made some adjustments to both NAMI P2P Trainer Manuals and NAMI P2P Training Materials required for the in-person P2P training.

If you have a training coming up this or next month (12/2018), you’ll need to provide your trainers and trainees with these updated pages and an explanation (below) of what has changed. I’ve attached a pdf of all page changes, and they will also be posted on the P2P Extranet. The changes are meant to be printed double sided and can be physically swapped into the trainer manual and participant training materials. Please note that this is a stop-gap measure as we prepare to make updated manuals available on the NAMI store. In addition to the pages themselves, I’ve included a page change key for both the trainer manual and the participant training materials to help you and your trainers understand what pages to sub in and what pages to remove completely from the Pilot Trainer Manual and Pilot Training Materials. I appreciate your bearing with this process. We expect to fully transition to the final version of these materials by the end November. At that time, the changes will be fully integrated into the manuals and available for purchase from the store. You will know when the manuals are updated on the store because they will no longer say “pilot” on the cover page. I will also send out an announcement when the new manuals are available on the store.

Important note: Any P2P trainers that were trained at the Fall 2018 Training of Trainers already have these changes incorporated into their manuals and do not need the new pages.

This is an important announcement for all NAMI Peer-to-Peer trainers,

The Pilot NAMI Peer-to-Peer trainer manuals have recently been updated. We are providing you with the page changes and a page change key so that you can replace the old pages with the new pages. It is vital that you make these changes before offering your next P2P state training. If you are printing the pages yourself, make sure to print them double sided.

Explanation of changes: The main change to the trainer manual regards the combined assessment forms that were used in the pilot version. In the new version, you will lead a discussion/answer clarifying questions following class demos rather than having participants evaluate you with the combined assessment forms. All references to the combined assessment forms have been removed from the trainer manual and training materials. Other smaller changes are noted in the page change key. Please refer to this key when replacing your trainer pages. Some pages are being replaced by new pages, and some are being removed completely. The key will help guide you as you make these important changes to the manual.

P2P is now moving out of the pilot stage! This means that we’ve completed final adjustments to the P2P leader guide and participant workbook. The new versions of these manuals will be available on the NAMI Store by December 1st. You’ll recognize the new manuals, because the word “pilot” will no longer appear on the manual cover pages.

What are the changes?

  • The leader guide now includes the participant workbook, so when ordering the non-pilot version you no longer need to provide leaders with both a participant workbook and a leader guide. You should continue to provide all class attendees with participant workbooks.
  • The leader guide also now includes training materials provided to attendees at their in-person training. This means that when ordering the non-pilot version of the leader guide, you no longer need to order separate training materials for training participants!
  • The participant workbook now contains footers with the class number at the bottom of the page.

Do I need to buy new manuals for my existing leaders? Please communicate the following information with your existing program leaders:

  • Changes to the leader guide and participant workbook don’t include content changes (we are following a 2-3 year review period for content), and for this reason, if your program leaders have pilot manuals they can continue to use them.
  • The exception is for state trainers: There are content changes to the state trainer manuals that were shared in a previous email. Please make sure that your trainers receive the updated pages if they are working from the pilot version, or order them a new manual from the NAMI Store. The version currently being sold on the NAMI Store has been updated, so you only need to provide replacement pages or manuals to trainers working from the pilot version.

Ongoing messaging for your leaders and trainers:

  • Make sure your new leaders understand that their leader guide includes the participant workbook and in-person training materials
  • Make sure that your trainers know that training materials are now part of the leader guide (they appear as the last two tabs). This means that training participants no longer need separate training materials at their in-person training. All they need is the leader guide.

When will the 2014 version of P2P be removed from the NAMI Store?

  • We will remove the 2014 version of P2P from the NAMI Store in April, 2019. Please make sure that your existing P2P leaders are reoriented to the new course via the online training by then.


Questions? Contact Thao Duong at