Crisis Support

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Crisis Text Line

Text NAMI to 741-741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor to receive free, 24/7 crisis support via text message.

NAMI HelpLine

Call 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) M–F, 7 a.m.–3 p.m. PT for free mental health info, referrals and support.

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“I continue to advocate for mental health awareness because of students who later on reveal how talking about mental health improved their own. It motivates me that more people find hope as I try to open more discussions about mental wellness in my community.” —Isabelle Law, allcove Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

“Women of color in STEM have always been an inspiration to me.” —Ria R., allcove Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

“I am inspired by humanity. I believe humanity at the core is good. And I believe in that good. I believe there is collective power in coming together and recognizing a oneness amongst all of us. That oneness gives me hope that we will push each other forward in a positive direction.” —Britt Turpack, NAMI Westside Los Angeles

“Youth inspire us…they are capable of greatness and have the passion to make change.” —Stan Collins, The Directing Change Program and Film Contest

“I am inspired by the women who have supported my personal and professional development throughout my life. These mentors changed me for the better, and I hope to do the same for youth.” —Evanne Torrecillas, Youth Programs Manager, NAMI Sacramento

“Young people that have worked to positively change their communities for generations to come inspire me and give me energy every day! My 10 and 4-year-old daughters are already becoming changem-akers!” —Yammilette (Yami) Rodriguez, Youth Leadership Institute

“I’ve always been inspired by vivid colors, especially within paintings and illustrations. I spent many weekends during my childhood and adolescence exploring art museums with my mom, in awe of how so many non-livings items could make me feel more emotions than some conversations I’ve had with living humans. If I didn’t develop consciousness of my tech usage, I would probably spend a solid 2+ hours scrolling through Pinterest daily, saving every single piece of digital art/painting/photograph/sculpture that makes me feel vibrant and optimistic.”—Anastasia Vlasova, This is my Brave Teens

“My passion is to inspire and educate others to learn more about mental illness and as mental health advocates, reduce the stigma surrounding it. My education studying methods of great leaders, especially the Servant Leadership strategies of Robert Greenleaf, provides the framework for my work… ‘The servant-leader focus’ primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.’ ” —Kym Barber, Stanislaus County Office of Education