CalMHSA SDR Project

About CalMHSA

  • In 2004 California voters approved Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), which imposes a 1% tax on individuals with a taxable income greater than $1,000,000.
  • Proposition 63 stipulated that 20% of MHSA funds must be allocated to administer 3 prevention and early intervention (PEI) programs:
    • Stigma and Discrimination Reduction (SDR)
    • Student Mental Health (SMH)
    • Suicide Prevention (SP)
  • Many counties throughout the state chose to pool their PEI funds together for statewide initiatives
  • The California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is an organization of these member counties and has partnered with many community-based organizations to fund, implement and deliver statewide PEI projects

NAMI California CalMHSA SDR Project

NAMI California has developed a program, funded by a CalMHSA grant, to reduce stigma and discrimination in mental health and systems partners throughout California. Project objectives include:

  • Enhancing existing proven stigma reduction programs:
    • In Our Own Voice
    • Ending the Silence
    • Parents & Teachers as Allies
    • Provider Education
  • Increasing capacity of NAMI California’s statewide network of Affiliates to deliver culturally and linguistically competent SDR programs
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of NAMI SDR programs to reducing stigma and discrimination
  • Collaborating and leveraging resources between SMH and SP Programs
  • Ensuring Affiliates have the capacity to sustain new services beyond funding period

NAMI California CalMHSA Regional Structure

As a way to simplify communication at the state level, NAMI California developed a new regional structure which divides the state into 11 regions.

  • Each region contains a lead affiliate responsible for rolling out SDR programs and collecting data within their region
  • Each lead affiliate was chosen based on relative fiscal strength and grant management experience

Benefits of New Regional Structure

  • Affiliates receive greater leadership and program support from NAMI California and Lead Affiliates
  • Local affiliates feel a stronger connection to NAMI California


NAMI California CalMHSA Regional Map

*Lead Affiliates designated by county name emboldened and white fill

cal regional map

For more information contact:

Beth Wolf
Program Coordinator