Community Input: Our 2019-2020 Surveys

We are excited to invite you to share your insights for our 2019-2020 stakeholder surveys for Diverse Communities and Families. Your anonymous responses will be incorporated into the Annual State of the Community Report on Families & Diverse Communities, created to reach and improve the experiences of diverse communities and family members of loved ones within the mental health care system.

Survey for Families

Are you a family member or loved one of an individual with a mental health condition or someone with experience accessing services in the mental health care system? Share your thoughts on:

  • The mental health care system
  • Support
  • Early intervention
  • Family participation

Survey for Diverse Communities

Are you an individual with lived experience in the mental health care system who identifies as part of a diverse community (refugee, LGBTQ, veteran, Native American, etc.)? Share your thoughts on:

  • The mental health care system
  • Discrimination
  • Support
  • Community participation

NAMI California is grateful in advance for the support, advocacy, and participation from community and family members whose voices will be shared throughout our next report. We also appreciate all NAMI affiliates, members, and partner organizations for their efforts and care.