Help, Hope, Home

We hope you are safe at home while reading this. 

The comfort and shelter of home is something we do not take for granted. At NAMI California, we strive to provide help and hope for families impacted by mental health conditions across the Golden State.   

Far too many Californians are homeless, feel hopeless, and need our help.

What we know about the homeless crisis is hard to accept. 

We know that more than 40 percent of individuals who are homeless live with a mental illness. 

We know families who can’t find their loved ones because they don’t get the services they need. 

We know we have a weak mental health safety net, and only 60% of people with a mental illness get the care they desperately need. Statistics for diverse communities are even more startling. 

But here’s why we see hope: With your support, we know we can drive change.  

We can close the gaps in our current mental health care system and provide the critical services and shelter needed for our family and community members living outside or in cars. 

With your support, we can advocate to increase multifamily housing for Californians who are struggling and support multi-disciplinary teams to provide intensive outreach, treatment, and related services for those currently without a home, help, or hope. 

Together, we can and will drive change, but we cannot do this without you. We have a long road ahead of us, but together we are unstoppable. Thank you for everything you do to make NAMI better every day.

Jessica Cruz
NAMI California