NAMI Family Support Group


What is the NAMI Family Support Group?

NAMI Family Support Groups offered by NAMI affiliates across the country, are free, confidential and safe support groups of families helping families who live with mental health challenges in their lives.
•    Families join a caring group of individuals helping one another through their learned wisdom.
•    Families are no longer alone and they have a renewed sense of hope for their loved one living with mental health challenges.
•    NAMI Family Support Group fosters group discussion and group interaction.

What does the Family Support Group include?

•    The format for the support group is based on four charts which provide the structure for leading support group discussion.
•    These are The Stages of Emotional Response, Guidelines, Principles of Support, and the Agenda.
•    Processes are also used which together provide the framework for the 90 minute support group session.
•    NAMI Family Support Groups are run by trained volunteer facilitators who are also family members living with mental health challenges in their lives.
•    NAMI Family Support Groups do not recommend or endorse any medications or other medical therapies.
•    There is no charge for participation

For More Information:
•    Family Support Group Brochure
•    NAMI National’s Website

Please download the application and send it to Serena Durand, NAMI California Programs Coordinator at If you have any questions, please contact NAMI CA at (916) 567-0163. Upcoming trainings for 2017/2018 will be announced shortly.