NAMI In Our Own Voice


What is NAMI In Our Own Voice?

NAMI In Our Own Voice is a unique presentation in which two trained speakers share their compelling personal stories of living with mental health challenges and achieving recovery. Audiences range from individuals with mental health challenges, students of all ages, law enforcement officials and faith community members to veterans and service providers. While audiences benefit from the inspirational stories of the speakers, presenters increase their confidence and develop leadership skills while helping to inspire and motivate others.

• NAMI In Our Own Voice is a free presentation designed to shatter negative stereotypes against people with mental illness
• The presentations last 60-90 minutes
• NAMI In Our Own Voice follows a structured format. Two presenters who have experienced mental health challenges share their personal stories, from the dark days of a mental health crisis to the successes, hopes and dreams they are now experiencing in recovery
• The presentation also features a DVD with eight other individuals from diverse backgrounds sharing the impact of and recovery from mental health challenges
• Personal experiences with major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder and other brain disorders are discussed
• NAMI In Our Own Voice demonstrates that recovery is possible
• Audience members are encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences. This exchange helps combat the stigma and misinformation which surrounds these illnesses
• Presenters have often been viewed as role models for audience members who are also learning to live with mental health challenges

What are the goals of the NAMI In Our Own Voice presentations

• To allow audience members to connect on a personal level with the presenters via question and answer sessions
• To provider an opportunity for audience members to gain insight into the lived experience of life with mental illness

For More Information:

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To become an In Our Own Voice presenter:

Please download the application and send it to Letisha Hardiman at