Upcoming Trainings

NAMI California is excited to offer statewide program trainings. If your local NAMI California affiliate is interested in sending candidates to the trainings below, please contact the main contact staff overseeing the training (information below). One of our staff members will provide you with the statewide training application to be turned back in to NAMI California for a review of potential candidates.

Family & Peer Support Specialist Training Course W/Certificate

Course dates: June 9 to August 4, 2020
Day and time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 8:30 pm
Format: Web-based; participants must have access to a computer and/or
Requirements: To take part in the program, a person must be one or both:

  • An individual living with a mental health condition
  • A family member and/or loved one of someone with a mental health condition

NAMI California is currently recruiting the next cohort for our Family/Peer Support Specialist Webinar Training program, which is devoted to giving peers and family members an opportunity to learn about educational skills to volunteer or work in the behavioral health field. Topics include in the training: Recovery Model; Communication Skills; Trauma-Informed Care; and more. All webinar training sessions are guided by trained presenters and there are opportunities for live participant interaction. The goal of this program is to provide behavioral health educational training, one-on-one career counseling, and support for participants to volunteer or work in the behavioral health/mental health fields.

List of Trainings Offered by NAMI California

Homefront Teacher Webinar Training

Mental Health 101 Affiliate Program Coordinator Training

Mental Health 101 Presenter Statewide Training (DIV)

Professionals Webinar Training (FAM)

Mental Health 101 Coordinator Webinar Training (DIV)

Mental Health 101 Presenter Statewide Training (FAM)

Persona a Persona Mentor Statewide Training

Connection Statewide Training

Family to Family Statewide Training

Peer to Peer Training


Training Applications

Basics Application (PDF DOC)

F2F Teacher Application (PDF DOC)

Peer-to-Peer Mentor Application (PDF DOC)

Connection Facilitator Application (PDF DOC)

Family Support Group Facilitator Application (PDF DOC)

Fact Sheet from NAMI California Family and Peer Programs Department (PDF)

*Important Note:  There will be additional trainings offered for all the programs above. These workshops will be hosted by affiliates and sponsored by NAMI California in the form of small grants. Trainings will be announced in your region as they become available.

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Send inquiries to: nami.california@namica.org

NAMI California Office: 916-567-0163