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NAMI CA Statewide Program Training Tentative Schedule

(January 2019 – January 2020)

NAMI CA is excited to announce their Statewide Program Trainings for the 2019 year. The dates below are tentative and may change. If your affiliate is interested in sending candidates to the trainings below, please contact the main contact staff overseeing the training (information below). The staff member will provide you with the Statewide Training Application which will need to be turned back in to NAMI CA for the review process of candidates.


February 2019

Program: Homefront Teacher Webinar Training

Date: February (dependent on # of teachers recruited. We must have up to two people in the training)

Location: GoToWebinar


Program: Mental Health 101 Affiliate Program Coordinator Training

Date: February 28

Location: GoToWebinar


March 2019

Program: Mental Health 101 Presenter Statewide Training (DIV)

Date: March 30-31

Location: Solano County

Apply: Complete the following application by Clicking Here

NAMI CA Staff Contact: Zuleima Flores


Program: Mental Health 101 Affiliate Program Coordinator Training

Date: March

Location: GoToWebinar

NAMI CA Staff Contact: Zuleima Flores


April 2019

Program: Professionals Webinar Training (FAM)

Date: April 15

Location: Webinar

Program: Mental Health 101 Coordinator Webinar Training (DIV)

Date: April 17

Location: Webinar

May 2019

Program: Mental Health 101 Presenter Statewide Training (FAM)

Date: May 3-4

Location: Victorville, CA


Program: Homefront Teacher Webinar Training

Date: May 6

Location: Webinar


June 2019

Program: Persona a Persona Mentor Statewide Training

Date: June

Location: TBA


Program: Homefront Teacher Statewide Training

Date: June 15-16

Location: Sacramento


Program: Connection Statewide Training

Location: TBA


July, August & September  – No training


October 2019

Program: Family to Family Statewide Training 

Date: October 18-20

Location: Santa Barbara


Program: Mental Health 101 Coordinator Training

Date: October

Location: TBA

November 2019

Program: Peer to Peer

Date: November

Location: TBA


December 2019

Program: Basics

Date: December 6-8

Location: Santa Rosa


January 2020

Program: No training available 


Location: TBA


February 2020

Program: Family Support Group 

Date: February 8-9

Location: San Bernardino County

NAMI CA Staff Contact: Vikie Cole



Qualifications for training: Interested parties should be NAMI members in good standing and ideally have graduated from the same education program they intend to teach. A participant also needs to be recommended by their local NAMI chapter. Additional qualifications will apply. Please ask your NAMI affiliate to contact the NAMI CA Coordinator overseeing the training to receive an application via email. Prospective teachers/facilitators should return their applications in a timely manner as these workshops fill quickly.

Training Applications

These applications apply to the training programs detailed below:

Basics Application (PDF DOC)

F2F Teacher Application (PDF DOC)

Peer-to-Peer Mentor Application (PDF DOC)

Connection Facilitator Application (PDF DOC)

Family Support Group Facilitator Application (PDF DOC)

Fact Sheet from NAMI California Family and Peer Programs Department (PDF)

*Important Note:  There will be additional trainings offered for all the programs above. These workshops will be hosted by affiliates and sponsored by NAMI California in the form of small grants. Interested affiliates should contact Zuleima@namica.org for details on how to apply for a grant. Trainings will be announced in your region as they become available.

Reporting Program Data:

Need to Report NAMI Class or Training Data? Click on this link: www.nami.org/programdata

Send inquiries to:

  • Family Programs, Basics, Homefront, Ending the Silence, NAMI On Campus High School & Professionals: Vikie Cole at victoria@namica.org
  • MH 101 & Peer Programs: Letisha Hardiman at letisha@namica.org
  • Family/Peer Support Specialist Webinar Training Program: Victoria Cole at victoria@namica.org

NAMI California Office: 916-567-0163 

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