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This page displays links to organizations that provide services and support to individuals with serious mental illness and their families.Click on the organization name to view a brief description of the organization.

If your organization provides services for serious mental illness, we would like to list a link to your website here. Send your organization name, web site address and a brief description of your services to NAMI California reserves the right to select, refuse, edit and format all listings as needed.


Can’t resolve a problem with your HMO? Contact the California Department of Managed Health Care for more information. To Submit a Provider Complaint to the Department of Managed Health Care, click here.

The Department of Managed Health Care created this web page as part of a pilot project to accept and review provider complaints. The new electronic submission will allow the Department to look at complaint submissions to ensure that health plans and their capitated providers have implemented claims processing standards, contract disclosures and the dispute resolution mandates of the Knox Keene Health Care Service Plans Act (AB1455).

The Department’s area of authority is limited to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and two PPO’s – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. Before reporting a problem with a health plan, you should verify that the plan is regulated by the Department. To view a list of the plans regulated by the Department of Managed Health Care, click here for HMO Reports.


The California Department of Mental Health, entrusted with leadership of the California mental health system, ensures through partnerships the availability and accessibility of effective, efficient, culturally competent services. This is accomplished by advocacy, education, innovation, outreach, understanding, oversight, monitoring, quality improvement, and the provision of direct services. Mental Health Services Division