San Diego vs. Siskiyou: Researchers Find Stark Disparities in Senior Mental Health Care Across Counties

A California Health Report article by Lisa Renner explores a new study released Thursday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research detailing inadequacies and inconsistencies in older adult mental health here in California.

The research found that quality of services for seniors with serious mental illness varies depending on the county, and that older adults of color face barriers and are underserved. The study also suggests a lack of data when it comes to the elderly and mental health.

NAMI California CEO Jessica Cruz praised the study, echoing the need for “standardized needs assessment and data reporting.”
“There should be a statewide standard of service being provided by counties, that includes programs that span across the age spectrum,” Ms. Cruz states in the article. “This way, no matter what county you live in California, there is a standardized mental health service being provided.”

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Close up of a depressed old woman

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